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The purchase of a brand new modern engagement ring has become the usual way of the bride to be, to show her commitment to betrothal. But it doesn't need to be for you. Before you purchase a mass produced type ring, be sure you're doing the right thing for both of you. An antique or vintage engagement ring can be a special, sentimental thing. And there are more choices of beautifully styled rings than you might think, including unique period Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco engagement rings. You're sure to be able to find something to make both of you happy.
People are finding many reasons to go the vintage route with their engagement rings. Cost can be big part of that. Engagement rings are supposed to be a symbol of your love and commitment, not a drain on your resources. Some people take out loans to buy a big enough diamond, only to begin their marriage in debt.

Vintage rings also offer uniqueness, you can find something that no one else will have. They are often more sentimental as well. There's additional meaning behind the choice. It can be a demonstration of the two of you as a couple, showcasing your style. Whatever your reason for wanting a vintage ring, you'll find you have a vast amount of choices and your decisions have only just started.
The ever popular diamond wasn't always the go-to stone for engagement rings. Any gemstone would have been used and sapphires are widely used in the UK. If you choose to do a different gemstone, consider the implications behind them. Many people use a birthstone, or both birthstones, for an engagement ring. But if you don't want to do that, look for stone meanings, which you can find online. Garnets, the gem of January, symbolise commitment and devotion. Opals speak to inspiration and spontaneity in your love and relationship. There will be a gemstone that you both like, with a message behind it.
For those considering a vintage or antique engagement ring, your choices are wider because of it. But before you decide for certain, talk about ring expectations with your partner, because they might have something else in mind. If both of you are certain, however, find a ring that will mean something to both of you, something that demonstrates who you are as a couple. And every time you both look at it, you'll be reminded. For further information try the GIA website.


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