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Vintage diamond rings are often antiques, and may have a retro look. Ladies looking for something different with a touch of traditional craftsmanship and old-world charm will often go for vintage or antique rings. These rings can also be less expensive than more modern styles. Vintage jewellery often features exquisite diamond rings set in intricate patterns, as well as lightweight pearls which are ideal for regular wear.
Once you've chosen a ring that suits your style, the next step is to check out the quality and ensure the ring is within your budget. Buying an diamond ring is an especially important investment, and you need to look out for the basic things that combine to make your ring purchase successful.
Diamond quality
One important requirement of a special ring is the quality of the diamond which is the focal point. This is judged using the 4 Cs (clarity, cut, colour and carat). These parameters influence the diamond's overall appearance, its sparkle power, its purity, and ultimately the price of the ring.
Quality of the setting
Check out the quality of the setting of the ring -- in other words, the framework in which the stone is mounted. There is a variety of options available, including the traditional four-prong setting. A beautiful setting for the stone is one of the key design features of a ring.
Rings are daily wear jewellery items, so ease of wear and comfort are vital. Make sure the size is right and the ring feels comfortable on your finger at all times. A good jeweller will help you select the right size for comfort and ease of wear, as well as gently steer you away from impractical choices.
With all the various types of rings, there are numerous options available to the customer.
Choose a style that looks good on your finger and flatters the shape of your hand. After all, you will be looking at it a lot, and so will other people.
Don't get carried away by the occasion -- stay within your planned budget when choosing a ring. You shouldn't need to buy the biggest rock in the shop to impress your loved one, and if you do, well, maybe you're with the wrong person!


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